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Web Seminar Recap: The 7 Things Every Great Checkout Page Needs

It doesn’t matter how much traffic comes to your site or how great your design is if you can’t make a sale on your ecommerce site. No matter the industry, there are 7 things every checkout process should possess in order to make an appealing user experience.

There are so many sites out there that do this completely wrong. As an industry, ecommerce has matured greatly compared to other online entities. People are accustomed to having things a certain way, and feel confident when their user experience is something that they are comfortable with. In this web seminar covered the following topics:

• What is the right number of form fields to use in your checkout process
• How to change your visitors mindset
• One long page of check out information vs. multiple steps
• Does live chat really work

These topics and many more were covered in-depth during this one hour web seminar, The 7 Things Every Great Checkout Page Needs, hosted by Cedric Williams on Wednesday, September 17th. Attendees walked away with the skills to do a quick audit of an ecommerce site and implement those improvements that are tried and true on any ecommerce platform.

Missed this seminar? Download the slides and recording to catch up!

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