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Web Seminar Recap: 7 Things Every SEO Campaign Needs Right Now

If you are tired of getting the same old SEO advice and optimizing your SEO campaigns ineffectively, this web seminar is for you. In order to optimize correctly, marketers need to constantly think outside the box, and not succumb to the overruling advice of self-proclaimed SEO guru’s who continue to regurgitate the same useless information.

This web seminar focused on the top 7 MOST important SEO items out there today. Google changes it’s algorithm constantly and we as marketers must stay on top of these changes in order to be as effective as possible in our online optimization efforts. Topics covered in this web seminar will include:

• Are backlinks really worth their weight anymore
• The real truth about meta data in SEO
• How long should your blog posts really be
• A quick intro to Google Authorship and why it’s important for SEO
• And much more

The game is changing and in order to be on top of your game, you need to implement the correct ways of SEO optimization. After this web seminar, it will be abundantly clear as to which techniques you should use and, more importantly, why you should be using them. We will also teach you which ones to stay completely away from that can hurt your SEO efforts.

This one hour seminar, 7 Things Every SEO Campaign Needs Right Now, was held on Wednesday, August 13th by Cedric Williams. Want to catch up? Download the slides and recording here!

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