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Web Seminar Recap: A/B Testing with Google Analytics Experiments

What’s the easiest way to become a more successful in-house marketer? The answer is simple: A/B testing. A/B testing compares two things to see which one performs better. No more making changes and then holding your breath hoping for the best. A/B testing takes the guess work out of it all. And if you’re not testing, you’re losing money.

A lot of conversion optimization companies out there are going to try to talk you into buying some fancy A/B testing software or hire their agency to run A/B testing for you. Yet for a lot of us in small organizations, the outrageous price for these services and software just isn’t doable. But fear not, there is a solution. And wait for it…IT’S FREE!

On September 24th ASPE’s own Digital Marketing Specialist, Traci Taylor, and VP of Marketing, JT Moore, presented the free web seminar, “How to do A/B Testing with Google Analytics Experiments.” In this one-hour presentation Traci and JT discussed the different types of testing marketers can do on their site, gave a thorough explanation of A/B testing and it’s benefits, A/B testing best practices and different things to start testing with A/B testing. Traci and JT wrapped up the seminar with a live demo showing how to set up an A/B landing page test in Google Analytics Experiments.

Missed the seminar or want to share the presentation materials with friends and co-workers? Grab a copy of the slides and recording from our Web Seminar Archives.

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