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Web Seminar Recap: Agile Marketing & Your Big-Bang Campaigns

The Agile Marketing movement is a lot more than just using an “Agile” process to manage your marketing work.  It’s also about a fundamental shift in how you think and execute as a modern marketer.

When it comes to campaigns, let’s focus on two values from the Agile Marketing Manifesto:

  • Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang Campaigns
  • Many small experiments over a few large bets

In many marketing organizations, a lot of campaigns still fall into the “Big-Bang” category.  So when confronted with the prospect of adopting Agile Marketing, some questions naturally arise – Do we have to abandon them?  Or do we just chop them up into a bunch of little campaigns?

April 30th, Tom Barron presented a 1-hour long web seminar on Agile Marketing and Your Big Bang Companies. Viewers discussed how Agile Marketing can help both replace Big Bang campaigns and enhance them by using smaller “experiments” to make them more effective.  Furthermore, viewers examined examples ranging from digital marketing to traditional advertising and discussed simple ways Agile can be infused into them.

Missed this great web seminar? Download the recording and slides!

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