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Web Seminar Recap: Google Analytics: Track Everything with Parameter Tracking

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, but we all drive traffic to our sites with marketing channels beyond just search engines and pay-per-click ads. More of your traffic than you realize is driven by things like trade shows, your sales team, direct mail, banner ads, TV, and maybe even radio. Unfortunately, you probably have very little data about the performance and success of those sources outside of what a third party vendor might provide to you. That’s where parameter tracking comes in to save the day.

On Wednesday, November 2nd, ASPE Director of Marketing JT Moore presented the free web seminar “Google Analytics: Track Everything with Parameter Tracking.” In this web seminar, JT discussed how to create links with parameter tracking the easy way and track website traffic driven by your sales team, website traffic from trade shows, banner ads and links on third party sites, website traffic driven by direct mail, and traffic driven by TV and radio.

Listen to the recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).

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