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Web Seminar Recap: Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Lately, Quick Response codes, better known as QR codes, have been seen everywhere. Just look around and you will notice these barcodes on everything from business cards, to magazines, to buses.  These QR Codes allow consumers to use their smart phones and immediately access the content on the QR code. On Wednesday, October 19th ASPE Director of Marketing JT Moore and Marketing Manager Katie Cothran presented the free web seminar “Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing Campaigns.”  JT and Katie reviewed the growing importance of QR codes and how they work. They also explained QR codes in reference to marketing campaigns and improving the interaction between companies and consumers.

Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to record this web seminar.  But you can listen to a recording of our “Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing Campaings” web seminar from August 10th by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right). Learn how a QR code works, how to create a QR code, how to use QR codes in marketing campaigns, and other benefits behind QR codes.

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