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Web Seminar Recap: Intrapreneurship: The Key to Capturing Value out of Major Disruptions for Companies (Large and Small)

If only Borders or Barnes & Noble had the right intrapreneur in their organization, maybe Amazon’s rise wouldn’t have been so impactful to them. If only Yahoo incorporated the position of Intrapreneur into its culture maybe they would be neck and neck with Google instead of on the outside looking in.

In this web seminar, Brad Lienhart, Fred Hathaway and Scott Baker provided a detailed look at Intrapreneurship. Basically smart organization will seek out individuals who like to invent, innovate and want to be on the front lines of changes. These individuals will work just like entrepreneurs but will work within the structure of a company, and they are Intrapreneurs.

An intrapreneur is someone who has an entrepreneurial streak in his or her DNA but choose to align his or her talents with an organization in place of creating his or her own. These professional are critical to the success of organizations as corporations have to continuously deal with the speed of disruption and disruptive technologies.

Learn what skills and talents are required to be a successful intrapreneur, understand the techniques an intraprenuer can use to distill ideas and focus their efforts and learn how intraprenuers must maneuver to successfully incorporate the right idea into their organization.

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