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Web Seminar Recap: Personal Brand Challenges — Loyalty and Legality

In this web seminar, David Mantica and Katie Cothran discussed the legal and professional challenges brought about by internet marketing’s empowerment of personal brand development. It is astonishing how fast and effectively someone can gain near instant creditability when building and maintaining a personal brand. But with everything good comes a bad. The bad in this case revolves around employees. Contractors have no issues in this matter, however, with employees comes employment law and issues of work product ownership. Along with this come issues of loyalty and intent. Both these issues can put the employee in a precarious position.

The presentation covered the issue of loyalty and intent when building a personal brand. It also discussed some basic legal precedents that are out there, and how employment law and work product ownership can potentially increase the risk involved in personal brand development. Finally the presentation looked into the future and what may ultimately happen long term in this area.

In the end, both employees and employers need to understand that personal brand development is real. It is possible, but it involves risk to both parties.

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