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Web Seminar Recap: Personal Brand Challenges – Loyalty and Legality

In our society, technology continues to rapidly outpace our culture’s ability to keep pace. From the challenges of internet taxation to privacy concerns brought on by Facebook and Google, legal and ethical practices lag seriously behind the pace of the technology. The inherent necessary changes cause significant problems and challenges. On Tuesday, October 4th ASPE President David Mantica presented the free web seminar “Personal Brand Challenges – Loyalty and Legality.” In this web seminar, David discussed the legal and professional challenges brought about by internet marketing’s empowerment of personal brand development, the issue of loyalty and intent when building a personal brand, some basic legal precedents that are out there, and how employment law and work product ownership can potentially increase the risk involved in personal brand development.

Listen to the recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right). Learn about why in the end both employees and employers need to understand that personal brand development is real: it is possible, but it involves risk to both parties.

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