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Web Seminar Recap: PPC Tools to Improve Performance and Productivity

Do you find it more and more difficult not only to keep up with your PPC campaigns, but with all of the new changes in AdWords? This free one-hour long session presented by Diane Pease provided you with how to keep up with the AdWords changes, determine which ones can work best for your business, and how to streamline your daily processes to improve your productivity and campaign performance.  Diane Pease provided ideas and tips that you can take back and use right away.

What attendees learned:
• How to keep up with AdWords – recommended sites and blogs
• Defining the most recent changes in AdWords
• Usage of filters and segments to streamline your optimization
• Creation of daily, weekly and monthly checklists

This web seminar occurred on February 3rd, 2015. Missed it? Find the slides and the recording here!

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