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Web Seminar Recap: Product Theory

Real-World Innovation and Creativity Enablement

Innovation and creativity are business bingo words for sure. Even though they conjure up visions of verbose, empty-suite executives clamoring on and on, they are still critical. At the end of the day, your business grows by entering new markets, adding new products and reacting to changes that impact your products or customers. All which are empowered and amplified by innovation and creativity.

A product portfolio is like a well. The deeper you have to go to find interested customers, the more expensive it gets, and the more work you have to put in to getting business. So if you can find new products or quickly locate new customers, you continue to get the “richness” of margin and easy customers from the beginning stages of the well.

On March 14th ASPE President, David Mantica, presented the free seminar, “Product Theory: Real-World Innovation and Creativity Enablement.”  In this one-hour presentation, David provided pragmatic models and interesting new ways to help participants find new products or customers through innovation and creativity.  Sounds discussed included ”The Difference” by Scott Page, “Wisdom of Crowds” by Jim Surdoweiki, “Innovation at the Verge” by Joel Barker, “Product Management Strategy” by Rebecca Henderson, The Agile Manifesto and the Edison Product Factory.

You can listen to a complete recording of this presentation at Select “View Event Recordings” in the top right corner.  You can also download your own copy of the presentation by visiting our Web Seminar Archives.

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