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Web Seminar Recap: Profiling 101 – The Lost Art

Profiling is often seen as an ugly word, and an even uglier activity. While true in the vast majority of context, profiling in marketing is not only necessary: it’s required. Marketing profiling is a fundamental skill critical for marketing success. Customers will quickly come for you with their torches and pitchforks if you don’t send them timely and relevant messages. But how are you supposed to know who to send what? Whether electronic or print, television or radio, marketing messages must be based on the audience being engaged. Do you sell lipstick in the sports section of the paper? Do you sell Budweiser in Golf Digest? The perfect message/campaign is doomed to fail if it does not reach the right people. It is concerning that everywhere you turn these days, you are exposed to Internet marketing pundits putting less and less emphases on profiling.

On Thursday, April 19th ASPE presented the free web seminar “Profiling 101: The Lost Art.” This web seminar was a debate between the traditional profiling strategies of ASPE’s President, David Mantica versus the “new school” digital profiling strategies of ASPE’s VP of Marketing, JT Moore.

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