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Web Seminar Recap: Social Media Marketing – The 3 R's

On March 16th, Jeremy Smith and JT Moore presented on The 3 R’s of Social Media Marketing: Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Time (ROT), and Return on Conversation (ROC). At a very high level, they discussed how to start monitoring your social media marketing under each of these philosophies, while looking at when one ‘R’ may be more appropriate than others. During the ROI section they talked about creating¬†measurable¬†objectives, and gave some examples of how to set social media goals and create achievements and strategies to help you reach those goals. They looked at applying ROT to your presence management, and recommended how to streamline some of your Twitter, Facebook, and blog outreach activities. They ended by discussing ROC, and discussed how to judge sentiment and measure the value of conversations in social media. View the Social Media Marketing: The 3 R’s web seminar recording.

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