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Web Seminar Recap: Social Media Policies

Why You Need One and How to Write It

In this day and age of digital media, the liability of the actions of just one employee can reach well beyond their cubicle. Whether you have five employees or 5,000, you need a social media policy.

On Wednesday, January 23rd social media consultant, Shelli Dallacqua presented the free web seminar Social Media Policies: Why You Need One and How to Write One.  In this one-hour presentation Shelli discussed the basic aspects of a social media policy and how to protect your organization.  Specifically, she covered how to put your policy in place, how to make sure your employees have read and signed a policy and what to keep on file, and how to enforce implementation of a social media policy to its full degree.

You can listen to a complete recording of this presentation at Select “View Event Recordings” in the top right corner.  You can also download the slides from this presentation by visiting our Web Seminar Archives.

Looking for more information on social media plans and policies? Check out our 3-day Social Media Boot Camp. Learn about social media ethics and how they apply to your business, legal issues surrounding social media, why your customer service department should be up to speed with your social media policy, how to create a social media policy, and get numerous examples of big brand social media policies and why they work.

About the presenter:
Shelli Dallacqua is the founder and president of Shelten Media, LLC. She is a member of the NC State Alumni Association and is a keynote speaker on the topics of social media marketing and reputation management. Connect with Shelli via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter by following @ShelliDallacqua. Shelli is a regular contributor to the ASPE-ROI blog and has published the following posts:

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