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Web Seminar Recap: How to Steal Your Competitors’ Facebook Fans

Facebook is an excellent place to gain new customers, if you know where to start.  However, when starting from scratch, it can be very difficult to gain traction for your online campaigns.

One of the easiest ways to start is by stealing your competitors’ Facebook fans.  In all honesty, if they are interested in your competitor’s products or service, shouldn’t they also be interested in yours? In this web seminar we discussed the following:

•        How to analyze a competitor’s fan page for engagement
•        The tools that the pro’s use to analyze your competition
•        How to target your competitors’ Facebook fans through retargeting with Facebook ads

Stealing your competitors Facebook fans is a very simple process once you understand the key steps in order to achieve maximum results.  After this 1 hour web seminar, How to Steal Your Competitors’ Facebook Fans that was presented by Cedric Williams on 7/23/14, attendees obtained a bulletproof checklist that will enable users to immediately engage competitors’ Facebook fans.

Missed this seminar? Download the slides and recording here.

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