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Web Seminar Recap: Tips for Building Awesome Blogger Relationships

This web seminar covered Tips for Building Awesome Blogger Relationships on March 11, 2015 and was presented by Joseph Havey.

Today, most media relations plans include an element of blogger outreach. Blogs provide an excellent platform to showcase brand messaging, and they give marketers access to niche groups that already exist. Like any outreach plan, successful blogger relations are based on mutually-beneficial partnerships.

In this webminar, we learned how to form these relationships with the following tools and tactics:

● Guest blogging
● Product reviews
● Online contests
● Cross-promotion

We also learned tips for finding relevant bloggers and ensuring your relationships stay strong over time.

Blogger relationships can open the door to audiences to which you otherwise wouldn’t have access. As word-of-mouth increasingly becomes important in the marketing world, bloggers can work as reputable third parties to endorse you or your brand. Shelten Media frequently partners with relevant bloggers to increase clients’ online reach, and Joseph shared some of the tips that he has learned over the years.

You can find the slides and recording here.


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