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Web Seminar Recap: How to Use Content Marketing for a Boring Industry

You know by now that the right dose of content marketing can result in huge impacts for brands and communities. We have seen blenders and axes take off like hotcakes just because of the right marketing campaigns (we will show examples of these during the web seminar). It’s no secret that the right content to the right audience will propel your business into instant online marketing success.

This web seminar will focused on those industries that are boring to most but exciting to you. Can you imagine the discussion at the marketing table: “We have a blender to sell, now how can we be different than everyone else and make this memorable?” Some topics in this web seminar will included:

• Why do uglier industries have a better chance of making it in content marketing?
• What is the one thing that is more important than traffic?
• What is the most important element of content that draws people in?

This one hour web seminar, How to Use Content Marketing for a Boring Industry, held by Cedric Williams will get your creative juices flowing and gave that head start needed when marketing your product in a boring industry (or even an exciting industry!). Even if you have a fantastic product now, chances are you will eventually hit a wall or even worse, wind up working somewhere else. Attendees are now better prepared for all areas of product marketing after this web seminar.

Missed this seminar? Download the slides and recording here!

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