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What is the training experience for the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing like?

One Customer’s Review: Part 3

Last week Brett gave us a review about all five courses he took to earn his Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing through training by ASPE-ROI. Below are the final responses he gave about what he sees as the true benefits and impact this certificate program will have for him.

What do you think are the top 3 benefits of going through the certificate program?

  1. Web/digital marketing is a constantly changing field. You have to keep on the up-and-up if you want to remain competitive and bring about the biggest benefit for your company.
  2. Networking. The people you meet will share a lot of the same frustrations as you. You develop a strong network of individuals to lean back on to bounce ideas off of and share insights.
  3. New Perspective. You not only gain perspective about how big internet marketing is to the future, but how important your role is in ensuring that your company is following the trend, and with that help others gain new perspective in how important a strong internet/digital marketing plan is to the future of the firm.

How do you see acquiring this certificate as an impact on your future?

The certificate is already helping redefine my current job and changing it to be a much more valuable position than originally intended. With the addition of the certification to my education portfolio I believe that I now have additional knowledge to help market myself, and have gained the skills that companies need in order to succeed. Through the course content, instructors and networks, I believe the certificate will increase my ability to grow into a position that is both mutually beneficial to myself, my current employer, and anywhere else I work in the future.

Do you have any other comments you’d like to share?

I highly recommend these classes. The return on investment from these classes is unlimited, but it depends how willing you are to learn, to take back what you learn and apply it, converse, change minds, and stay strong to the principles learned. It won’t be an overnight change for your company, but the long-term benefits for you and your firm are endless.

ASPE-ROI would like to give a big thank you to Brett DeLaria for taking the time to review our Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing. We appreciate his thoughts and perspective. If any other past attendees of ASPE-ROI courses would like to contribute a review, please contact Katie Cothran, the product manager for the ASPE-ROI division, at


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