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What Twitter #Music Means for Marketers

Marketing Week’s Laura O’Reilly was correct in saying it seems as if Twitter’s audience is ready for Twitter #Music. According to CNET, Twitter users purchased 77 percent more digital downloads, on average, than non-users. Aside from YouTube and Barack Obama, the top 10 Twitter accounts (based on follower count) are all musicians.

#Music, which Twitter launched last month, allows users to preview top tracks, download songs from iTunes, or tweet music-related thoughts. Though users must have paid subscriptions to either Spotify or Rdio to listen to full tracks, this app is a great tool for musical discovery. But what does this mean for marketers (especially those not in the music industry)?

Bottom line: The online world has taken another step into the ocean of Big Data.

As nearly every industry, from HR to Hollywood, has started to rely on the benefits of Big Data, online users are starting to become more comfortable with the idea of the Internet’s permanence. This Fast Company writer found that Amazon’s use of Big Data is helping the company provide better customer service. The Big Data realm is still growing, and with Twitter’s other big announcement that marketers can now target users based on keywords, it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

With Twitter #Music, users can listen to the tracks they love and find new music, all the while giving Twitter endless bits of information about their music styles, changing tastes, and the way in which they respond to advertisements. Even though Twitter may never allow advertisements on the app, it’s still garnering boatloads of information about its users (which could be used in its new target-word marketing).

In the end, should you as a marketer jump at the chance to push your product through an ad on Twitter #Music? No, mainly because that’s not even possible. However, you can take heart in the idea that online users are becoming more comfortable with giving companies information about themselves, which will further allow those companies to find their target markets. This will pay off with more engagement on other social networking sites. It can also lead to creative marketing techniques like this one: offering highly targeted, hours-only deals through Snapchat.

In the end, Big Data is the future of marketing, and Twitter #Music is just another step in that direction.

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About the author: Joseph Havey is an account manager for the Triangle-based Shelten Media, LLC, a start-up company specializing in social media marketing. He attends N.C. State, studying Communication with a focus in PR, and is also a member of N.C. State’s PRSSA chapter. He also writes for their newspaper, Technician. In his free time, he trains for triathlons. 


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