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Why Retailers Should Join Pinterest

I first discovered the joys of Pinterest when I saw a picture of a pair of beautiful jeweled sandals that a friend of mine had “pinned” to one of her boards and then streamed to Facebook. It was shiny, it was a shoe and it was calling my name so I clicked on it. I soon felt the elation that 20 million daily users feel when I discovered I now had the ability to go straight to the source of the picture (and the adjourning online order form). With 20 million daily users, it isn’t hard to fathom that more referral traffic is sent to online retailers from Pinterest than any other social media site.

What makes Pinterest different from other social media sites in this regard? It’s the simplicity of the process. Once you sign up for Pinterest, go to your Goodies page and literally drag the “Pin It” button to your bookmarks bar. After that, anytime you see something that is visually interesting to you, click the “Pin it” button and pin it to the board of your choice. Not only does it automatically pull the picture off the website, it also pulls the link. Since most of the people that follow me on Pinterest have similar interests, they will probably be as intrigued as I was and pin it to their own boards. And that is how the cycle begins.

So what does all this mean for businesses? The word that is being used a lot in reference to retail sale generation is “discoverability.” For instance, if I go to a search engine to find shiny sandals, I have to wade through pages and pages of listings for shoe sites, many of which I have never heard of and have no reference to guide me on their dependability or quality. If I search on Pinterest, I immediately see any pictures of shiny sandals my friends have pinned, which instinctively lends that retailer a sense of trustworthiness in my eyes. I can also search beyond my friend to all Pinterest boards that have shiny sandals tagged on them to discover other pictures of shiny sandals that my friend may have not yet discovered.  For those of us with a serious addiction to shiny objects, it’s a beautiful thing (pun intended). Small business listing their products on Pinterest have just as much of a chance as a much larger organization of being discovered by a Pinner.

Case in point, these are the shoes I found in Pinterest and rushed to buy. They are sold by a company called fibi & clo , a small online boutique store that stemmed from an in-home shoe party company.  Would I have ever found them outside of Pinterest? Probably not.  Am I now a loyal fan of their products? So much so that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to their products.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of how retailers can best maximize Pinterest to drive customers to sales and to build brand loyalty.

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About the author:
Shelli Dallacqua is the Founder and President of Shelten Media, LLC. She is a member of the NC State Alumni Association and is a keynote speaker on the topics of social media marketing and reputation management. Connect with Shelli via Twitter by following @ShelliDallacqua, on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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  1. Ashley Feit
    September 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm (5 years ago)

    Thank you so much for this simple explanation of the value of Pinterest. I’ve not been to the site yet, but as a marketing professional who is looking for a job opportunity, I need to understand these things. NOW, I GET IT!


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