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Why Training Budgets Go Further When It's Hot


Are you currently making your summer plans? Maybe a drive down the coast with Jimmy Buffet blasting is in your future? Or will you be found sipping a Corona on the beach this Fourth of July? Whatever your summer plans, ASPE wants to be included. Come take advantage of our July and August specials and train with us this summer!

Believe it or not, the summer months offer a great opportunity to get the most out of your training dollars. Because the business world slows down during the summer, several opportunities open up for anyone who needs training. While the slowdown can present a challenge, savvy folks can actually take advantage of it. Here’s how:

  • Your competition is sluggish during the summer slowdown.
    Gain an edge going into the fall.

    Training builds enthusiasm and gives your people fresh new skills. By the time business begins to pick back up, those skills have really been mastered and integrated into the organization. You’ll enter the fall market with an edge, while your competitors are busy trying to shake off the lull of the summer blues.
  • With a slow in business, employees often have time to pick up some new skills.
    With a decade of experience training all sectors of the corporate world, we’ve found that employee flexibility is at its peak during the summer months. If your people experience a lag in their schedule, backfilling with new skills or certification training is a good move.
  • Training doesn’t just improve your people; it can upgrade your business processes.
    A potential slowdown can offer an opportunity to upgrade processes, as well as employees. Your busy time of year isn’t the best time to adopt a new methodology or deploy new software. If you have a bit of summer flexibility, you can afford to upgrade without disrupting your flow of business.
  • Virtual training allows you to train at any location.
    Many times the date or location of training conflicts with schedules. With virtual training you can keep your summer schedule and fit in training. Our virtual training goes anywhere you go. So take ASPE to the beach with you this summer!
You can currently save 24% on July and August sessions or 20% on other sessions if you book your upcoming training this summer.
Sessions include:
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