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Why You Need Social Media Training…Reason #2

Scalability. It is much harder to get company-wide participation by yourself (time & resources).

Have you ever noticed how what you know about some companies is completely predicated to what you’ve seen from a couple of its employees? Think about some of the companies you know personally. Focus on the ones that you think really get social media. How much do you see from their company account? How much do you see from a few personal accounts of employees? How many people work at that company?

For most companies, social media activity is concentrated between a few departments: marketing, communications/PR, creative, development and sometimes management. Occasionally you’ll see accounts from customer service or personal accounts from other employees, but rarely are they engaged or cooperating with the company account.

Why is this?

Simply put: time and resources. Most extremely active social media companies are young companies (in years of existence, not employee age). Most of them were lucky to start as a small company and social media organically became part of the culture and the way of doing business. As they grew, they hired like minded people and they followed suit, as it was just part of the culture. Most companies don’t have this luxury.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow social media adoption outside of these departments. You may get your sales people to ‘see the light’ and create an account, but it is quite a task to keep them engaged. Most want to get to a sale and close as fast as possible. Sometimes social media can help, but sometimes there is no beating email and phone. Getting them, and other employees, to see how social media can be incorporated into what they are already doing is step one. Getting them to stick with it is a whole other battle.

Social media training can help you scale

All of this and more is covered in our Social Media Boot Camp. In class, you will learn how many companies are using cross-functional committees and teams to help spread the social media gospel throughout their company. You will look at social media policies and practices that companies use to encourage employee participation with the company brand. By growing evangelists organically inside the company, the silos are broken down and a community develops. That is where social media training comes in.

Social media training is the most time efficient way of growing the social media community inside your company. Odds are there is one person (maybe a small group) who leads most of your social media initiatives. Sure they could train some of your other employees on social media, get them setup with accounts and then help them in the initial phases of figuring out how to incorporate social media into the day-to-day responsibilities. But how much productivity did you lose from that person? Are they a social media specialist for your company or do they have other responsibilities? How much of their time is going to be eaten up? How likely is it that their schedule conflicts will slow other people’s adoption of social media?

Social media training from ASPE-ROI

Now, how does 3 days of training sound? Imagine getting an entire team of your employees up-to-speed on social media in just 3 days. How nice would it be to have a cross-functional group of people knowledgeable about social media and looking for ways to incorporate it into the business processes of their departments?

 The ASPE-ROI Social Media Boot Camp can help you do just that

Social media training can help you turn that 6-month, year or even several year project of getting a core group of social media evangelists into a 3-day course. They will learn Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Best of all, in the ASPE-ROI Social Media Boot Camp a large portion of the training is devoted to creating a social media campaign specifically for your company. Each student leaves class with a road map and plan on how to execute the campaign that they developed. If you have 5 people in class from several different departments, they could work together to develop a well thought out campaign that addresses any logistical concerns from all of those departments, or better yet, you could have 5 different campaigns both customer-facing and internal ready for you when they return to the office.

Social media training with ASPE-ROI gives you that opportunity. You’ll save time and money, while also increasing the likelihood of successfully scaling social media throughout your organization.


Why You Need Social Media Training…10 Reasons

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting 10 reasons why you need social media training. In this new and constantly evolving space it is imperative to stay on the cutting edge to be successful. Many people are hesitant to take social media training because they are skeptical of self-proclaimed experts and gurus. That is why we have put together a team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors who travel the US teaching companies how to properly utilize social media as a sales and marketing tool. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and weeded out the snake oil salesman. As one of the nation’s leading training providers, we know who and what make a successful learning experience. The goal of this series is to show you why you should consider social media training from ASPE-ROI.


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