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Why You Need Social Media Training…Reason #3

Learn to work more efficiently through tools and apps. Return On Time (ROT)

You hear a lot of smack talk about how you can not accurately track the Return On Investment (ROI) for social media. A lot of tools have come out the last couple of years that have helped us better understand the impact of social media, but deployment and licensing fees for many of these applications can be expensive. This makes tracking the ROI of social media for small business quite challenging.

When we first took the first official steps into social media as a company we took the stance that our focus was not the direct revenue associated with our efforts, but instead the relationships and engagement that we could generate. Our goals were around reach and the quality of the network of social media contacts we were making. These rather abstract metrics were difficult for a company of our size to quantify back in 2009.

It’s all about Return On Time (ROT)

That is why we adopted what we call Return On Time or ROT. We quickly realized that we could grow a large network and some very strong relationships through social media, but the time commitment it required could quickly become counter-productive. At a time when many companies started hiring ‘social media specialists’ that struggled to prove their worth over the long-term, we decided to empower all our employees to participate in social media (most importantly listening and monitoring) and asked them to measure their performance on the social media engagement they created as a product of the time it required. We kept an eye on overall productivity levels and used dips as red flags as to a failure in proper ROI management.

What we found was that through tools and processes employees could be more effectively with the time they invested in social media activities. By properly utilizing technology available to them, many employees could actively participate in social media with little to no impact on their productivity or other responsibilities.

Learn about tools and apps that help your work more effectively and more efficiently

We believe that proper utilization of the technology available to you is the key to finding success in social media. That is why a large portion of the time you spend in our social media training classes is focused around the tools and apps available to you. This includes web-based computer programs, as well as mobile and tablet applications that help you work more effectively and efficiently. Our instructors are constantly updating our list of tools, as well as the ones they choose to highlight and demo in class.

I really enjoy this part of class because it typically becomes one of the most interactive. Experienced students often debate with instructors about which tool is the best for a particular function or task, and I often hear about new tools or new ways of using ones I already know about. You hear a lot of ‘Ohhhhs’ from students, as their eyes are opened to time-saving techniques or tools. We all now that smile that takes over our face when we figure out how to do something a lot better or quicker than your current process.

The ASPE-ROI Social Media Boot Camp can help you do just that

Social media training from ASPE-ROI, especially our Social Media Boot Camp, will teach you all of this and more. In addition to learning about how to effectively utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for your business needs, you will look at successes and failure of major brands, learn about tools and applications to help you work more efficiently and build out a social media campaign specific to your company that can be executed when you return to the office.

But, whether you are a seasoned social media professional or a newbie looking to get started in this new space, one of the biggest benefits of our social media training courses is the material and time spent on learning to use tools and applications that allow you to work more effectively and efficiently. Time is also spent on our Return On Time (ROT) philosophy and several other strategies for effectively monitoring the overall performance and effectiveness of your social media efforts.


Why You Need Social Media Training…10 Reasons

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting 10 reasons why you need social media training. In this new and constantly evolving space it is imperative to stay on the cutting edge to be successful. Many people are hesitant to take social media training because they are skeptical of self-proclaimed experts and gurus. That is why we have put together a team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors who travel the US teaching companies how to properly utilize social media as a sales and marketing tool. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and weeded out the snake oil salesman. As one of the nation’s leading training providers, we know who and what make a successful learning experience. The goal of this series is to show you why you should consider social media training from ASPE-ROI.


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