ASPE Cisco WebEx® Feature Case Study

New Web Seminar Series Brings Us Success!

While change may be a route some companies do not wish to take, here at ASPE, Inc. we pride ourselves in being a company that stays ahead of the curve by integrating the latest tools and electronic components in our courses. President and managing partner of ASPE, David Mantica, says, "Our courses are all about new technologies and new business processes. We're constantly going after new markets and building training solutions to help organizations effectively integrate new methodologies and tools." Because we offer more than 500 courses and train roughly 20,000 people annually, the next step in continuing our growth pattern was to begin offering a series of free web seminars that would be accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere. The challenge was carrying out these web seminars through a way that met all of our needs and expectations.

Cisco's WebEx® technology was our answer. It's dependability and user-friendly interface was what first attracted us; but what sold us was it's software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. "Being a small company, we don't have the in-house IT support that bigger organizations do," explains Mantica. "Because WebEx technology is a hosted service, we don't have to worry about administration and maintenance. It's all taken care of for us."

Shortly after the launch of our first free web seminar series, it was clear that we had found our new system for lead generation. J.T. Moore, the director of marketing here at ASPE, speaks of its success. "On average, we find 30 to 40 percent of attendees per session are brand new contacts. And it's all through word of mouth that they're hearing about these sessions. There's no additional effort required on our part."

After about a year of integrating Cisco's WebEx® web seminar and video technologies, the result was a successful web seminar series that was perfect for reaching out to customers who wanted training options without the expenditure and time required to travel to a physical classroom. With about 20 percent of our courses offered online today, we have been triumphant in training and corresponding with more students than ever before. Instead of waiting for an extended period of time for a course they need to come to their city, students have the flexibility to take a course they need to help them be better at their job from the comfort of their own home or work-place. The implementation has helped us gain better customer care; we will be able to add more and more online courses in order to suit our customers' needs as we continue to grow.

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