Consulting and Onsite + Consulting from ASPE

We can provide subject matter experts with real-world experience in implementing new skills, tools, and techniques in organizations across multiple verticals (domains of knowledge).The goal is to provide you with an expert with a deep understanding of both the work they will be doing or supporting, and the vertical they will be working within.

Every organization, and every vertical, has its own unique nuances. Transitioning to a new methodology or process has its own challenges. Our experts are both trainers and working consultants. As such, they have a unique combination of skills that allow them to help you overcome these challenges, as well as those challenges unique to your organization and vertical.

With consulting:

  • You get an expert consultant who actually does the work alongside your team
  • Consultants provide day-to-day work and services instead of just coaching
  • Our resource brings a wide angle view to the work
  • You get a great work supplement for when projects hit critical junctions
  • Our consultant also covers development of process documents as needed

Consulting is another great option for pairing with onsite training (including google training, social media training and marketing training). Incorporating new skills, tools and techniques into your organization can require a lot of fundamental changes to your processes, and having a consultant there to ease the process while also driving projects forward can be invaluable. Having that expert consultant there to lean on can help ensure your speedy and proper adoption.

By adding onsite and consulting to your ROI coaching, you can get even more from your training budget.

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