Agile Product Management Boot Camp

2-Day Public Session | 3-Day Live Online | 14 PDUs | 17 CPEs

This Agile Product Management training course teaches you to apply Agile philosophy to Product Management in order to get more done, adapt to change and see measurable results.

Product Managers today are challenged by many things – the speed of change in the market, the speed of competitors, the speed of product development, and increasing demands without increased bandwidth to handle them all. Rather than focusing their attention on strategic goals, they spend too much time fighting small battles and putting out fires. Agile R&D teams in particular have drawn many Product Managers away from spending time out in the market. Instead, it has them spending more time with R&D – an unfortunate about-face from an important best-practice – under the misguided notion that Product Managers must be available to Agile R&D teams 24/7 in order to be effective.

In this Agile Product Management training course we will explore why current methods of managing Product Management no longer work, and why Agile Product Management, inspired by Agile Marketing and Agile Software Development, helps Product Management teams get more done and adapt quickly to changes in the market. We will explain the principles, processes, terminology and tools of Agile Product Management. We will provide real-world examples of how teams can use Agile Product Management right away, and discuss how to inspire and organize Product Managers for maximum effectiveness in Agile Product Management teams.

We'll also cover some practicalities of implementing Agile Product Management in organizations, including transitioning to it, sustaining it, what can go wrong (and how to avoid it), selling it into the organization and the impact of Agile Product Management on your strategic planning process. By the end of the course, you should know how to introduce Agile Product Management into your organization and start implementing it.

In this Agile Product Management Training Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Create user personas
  • Describe each user persona's critical goals related to your product
  • Tailor your product to your primary personas
  • Align execs, marketing, sales, and R&D on your product's value proposition
  • Define a Minimum Usable Product and a Minimum Viable Product
  • Manage your Product Management work to balance strategic and tactical priorities
  • Use Scrum for adaptive and iterative planning and execution
  • Organize your Product Management team for both teamwork and autonomy
  • Transition into Agile Product Management right away
  • Streamline your strategic planning and roadmapping activities

Industry Background
Agile Software Development and Agile Marketing continue to make great progress in adoption and delivering truly transformative results. However, Product Managers have largely been part-time Agile players who have been asked to fill new roles in the aforementioned Agile movements. And Agile training for Product Managers has exclusively focused on training them to fill the "Product Owner" role for Agile Software Development teams – that's not really teaching Product Managers to be Agile, it's training them to wear yet another hat. Perhaps because Product Management is not understood well by most people outside the role, instead of connecting the seemingly obvious Agile Product Management dots, fans of various Agile/Lean philosophies seem to be finding ways to work without a Product Manager.

Overall Agile Product Management Course Methodology
This Agile Product Management training course will be a mixture of lectures and labs. The lectures use the Agile Product Management Manifesto published by Huruda, LLC as the touchstone for the course material. And the labs are structured to ensure participants can effectively use Scrum to manage their Product Management operations in an Agile way.