Building Your Brand:  Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

2-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Building Your Brand Course Outline

1. Your Business at Its Best

  • Fine tuning your product or service
  • Sizing up your competition & market research
  • Finding the right (media) mix for you
  • Google Trends for competitive analysis

Activity: Researching your competition

2. Your Social Identity on Facebook and Google+

  • Why do I need Social Media?
  • Social Media usage and behaviors
  • Facebook or Google Plus?
  • The Do's and Don'ts

Activity: Creating and enhancing your Facebook & Google Plus Pages

3. Social Communication with Twitter

  • Brand communication and defining your persona
  • The basics of Twitter and why the blue bird matters
  • Using Twitter to create a fan base

Activity: Smart Storming Exercise - Idea Sprinting

4. Digital & Search Strategies

  • The importance of search as a core behavior
  • The search engine landscape
  • Basics of the auction and engine considerations
  • Best practices for local search

Activity: Building your starter Geo search campaign

5. Local Review Sites

  • Why reviews matter to you and your customers
  • Changing critics to converters one review at a time
  • The Net Promoter Score and you
  • Klout, Kred and why you should care

Activity: Developing a net promoter score evaluation

6. Analytics & User Experience

  • The basics of analytics for your business
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Analytics and bounce rates
  • Who needs unique visits?
  • Analytics platforms

Activity: Get familiar with Analytics

7. Insights Tools & Discovery Resources

  • Why should I care about insights?
  • Using insights to optimize your business strategy
  • Intro to Google Analytics & best practices
  • Google Trends and YouTube Insights for discovery

Activity: Putting together final plan and 30/60/90