Captivate 8 – Beyond the Essentials

2-Day Public Session  |  2-Day Live Online Session

Advanced Captivate 8 Course Overview

This class is a continuation of the concepts covered in Captivate Essentials - An Introduction to Captivate 8. In this course you will fine-tune those concepts by learning about object styles, master slides, themes and advanced actions. You will be able to personalize your presentations with variables and branching scenarios that will help decide the best path for the learner. You will learn to make your presentations Section 508-compliant with accessibility text and closed captions. Finally, you will learn how to transform your presentations from eLearning to mLearning (mobile learning).

Prerequisites for this course include a practical working knowledge of computers and basic Mac OS X or Windows skills. Captivate Essentials - An Introduction to Captivate 8 class or equivalent experience is also recommended.

In this Course, You will Learn How to:

  • Work with video demos
  • Create custom styles, branching and aggregating
  • Use question pools
  • Work with variables, widgets and interactions
  • Use actions
  • Work with masters, themes and templates
  • Customize responsive projects
  • Report results

In-Class Exercises

  • Caption Pre-Editing: Set recording preferences, record screen and edit the text capture template.
  • Video Demos: Record a video demo, add a video zoom & pan, smooth a mouse & show the visual clicks and split and trim video.
  • Branching and Aggregating: Create, export & import a style, copy project assets, create & view branching, create a slide group, and publish & aggregate SWFs.
  • Random Quizzes: Review & import a GIFT file, and create & use pools.
  • Accessibility eLearning: Set document information, enable accessibility, add accessibility, import audio, add shortcuts, add closed captions, and set tab order.
  • Variables and Widgets: Add project information, insert & edit system variables, create user variables, gather data using variables, and insert and format widgets.
  • Actions: Use complicated actions, name objects, create masks, control visibility of objects, group timeline objects, create simple & conditional actions, create decision blocks, and create and export shared actions.
  • Masters, Themes and Templates: Edit master slides, apply master to filmstrip slides, create & use themes, create and use templates, and create placeholders.
  • Responsive Projects: Review a responsive project, customize break points & theme colors, use the position inspector, and position & link objects.
  • Reporting Results: Set quiz reporting options, create a manifest file, report a button interaction, adjust slide object interaction, and create a LMS course.

Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • Know how to edit a text capture template
  • Know how to create and edit a video demo.
  • Know how to create a slide group.
  • Know how to aggregate published SWFs.
  • Create branching and learn how to view it with the Branching view.
  • Know how to create a question pool.
  • Know how to add accessibility text to slides.
  • Know how to set tab order for accessibility.
  • Know how to create a responsive project.
  • Know how to use system variables.
  • Know how to create user variables.
  • Know how to gather learner data using variables.
  • Know how to create a conditional action.
  • Know how to create and export a shared action.
  • Know how to insert and format a widget.
  • Know how to create and edit a master slide.
  • Know how to create and apply a custom theme.
  • Know how to create a conditional action.
  • Know how to create a manifest file for an LMS system.
  • Know the ins and outs of creating a responsive design.

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