Data-Driven Marketing

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Learn to navigate big data in your company and how to make intelligent data driven decisions to increase the bottom line on all of your marketing campaigns.

2014's digital marketer needs an arsenal of tools at their disposal. In order to use these tools effectively, one must understand how to make data driven decisions. In today's digital world, data is available to us in increasing amounts, and we still see many marketing decisions being made subjectively. This results in failed campaigns and a frustrated upper management. Marketing needs to be supported by key analytics and data to reliably drive the bottom line, which is most often revenue.

This course will give digital marketers a distinct advantage amongst their competitors. You will be taught how to navigate the massive amounts of data available to you and weed out only what you need to make an informed marketing decision. It will also allow marketers to effectively analyze all data sets in order to focus on the most important areas that will drive revenue and support department goals.

This comprehensive 3 day course will outline where most marketers fail in big data and how to identify these pitfalls immediately for big revenue gains. In-depth topics include:

  • Combing through the seas of data and how to spot key opportunities
  • How to get started and a full big data roadmap
  • Defining specific marketing metrics that big data marketers often use
  • Best practices on building a big data culture
  • Several case studies on how brands are successfully using big data today

The extremely hands on course will also show you the tools that the pro's use, from choosing the right one to full implementation. What you will learn in your 3 days of one to one interactive training:

  • Better understand your customer and what drives them to make decisions
  • Building a rock solid metrics program to support any business goal
  • Establishing your big data strategy and revenue increasing roadmap
  • Which business goals make the most impact, and which ones to leave behind
  • The secrets that data driven marketers use to identify key data sets, but more importantly how to bridge the gap to every day campaign implementation
  • How to convert website users into long lasting loyal customers