Data-Driven Marketing

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Course Outline

Day 1 – Introduction & Goals

1. What is Big Data & Marketing Analytics

  • An Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Defining the data-driven marketing strategy
  • Developing Your Business Goals
  • Case Studies & Examples

LAB: Overall Business Goals Strategy

2. Where Do You Start?

  • How to focus on collecting the right data
  • How to overcome the lack of data
  • What tools will you need
  • Building an initial roadmap
  • Untangling the big hair ball of data
  • How to audit your current digital footprint

3. Critical Marketing Metrics

  • Standard marketing metrics revisited
  • 3 critical questions to ask
  • Today's top 5 marketing metrics defined
  • How to link marketing activities to metrics
  • Facing the B2B measurement challenge
  • Critical web metrics

LAB: Macro & Micro Goals Analysis

DAY 2 – Online Metrics

4. Defining Your Customer

  • Persona definitions
  • Persona development
  • Understanding the buy cycle
  • B2B vs B2C buying cycle
  • Lifetime value of a customer

LAB: Persona Exercise

5. How To Implement A Data Driven Culture

  • How to excite people about analytics
  • Dealing with the highest paid persons opinion
  • Developing reports that drive action
  • Transform your company's culture

6. From Clicks To Value With Internet Marketing Metrics

  • How to measure your website
  • SEO and how to measure without keywords
  • PPC's must have custom reports
  • Find out how to measure a content marketing plan
  • Is email marketing still working
  • Analyzing your customers mobile experience

LAB:Website Audit

DAY 3 – Implementation

7. Moving From Metrics To Implementation

  • Where to start
  • How to find which campaigns will work
  • Working with limited resources
  • How to build an internet marketing roadmap

8. Building A Testing Culture

  • Introduction to A/B Testing
  • Actionable testing ideas
  • Controlled experiments and hypothesis
  • How long to run your tests
  • What to do with your data

LAB: Creating a Testing Matrix

9. Determining Campaign Success

  • Using data to streamline your online campaigns
  • A/B testing data and landing pages
  • Find out if your search campaigns are working
  • How to identify if you need to change your content marketing strategy

10. Lead to Conversion

  • Measuring your revenue metric
  • Technology obstacles
  • CRM integration
  • Measuring conversion and visitor behaviors

11. ROI

  • Comparing KPI trends overtime
  • A case for continuing to test
  • How to measure cost per acquisition
  • Checklist take away for immediate implementation