Google Display Advertising – Advanced AdWords Training & Certification

1-Day Public Session

In this advanced AdWords training course you will improve your knowledge of display advertising in order to support and strengthen your overall search engine marketing strategy and become Google certified.

The Google Display Advertising Advanced Exam certification is the last step to becoming an individually qualified AdWords professional. This certification designates you as an expert in Google AdWords, and lets your company and clients know that you have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Google AdWords tool.

This intensive preparation workshop will not only help you pass the Google Display Advertising Advanced Exam, it will give you even more insights about how to create, run and optimize successful display ad campaigns.

Display advertising is generally looked upon as an alternative means of advertising alongside traditional pay per click campaigns. However, it can be a clever way of advertising given the various forms of delivering the ads, to include text, graphics, audio, animation and video and the reach in which the method can deliver.

Top 10 Reasons To Attend Google Display Advertising Certification

  1. Gain knowledge to incorporate display advertising into your current SEM efforts
  2. Master Google's display ad builder
  3. Understand how display advertising works
  4. Create and manage display campaigns
  5. Gain account optimization skills to drive better results
  6. Track and report on performance
  7. Measure effectiveness and return on investment
  8. Understand how remarketing works alongside display advertising
  9. Choose and understand the various ad formats
  10. Determine the impact on brand effectiveness

In one day, you will learn:

  • The value of Google Display Network and advertising on YouTube
  • How to structure successful display campaigns on Google Display Network, YouTube, and mobile devices
  • How to target your display campaigns
  • How to use appropriate bid strategy for Google Display Network and YouTube auction based campaigns
  • How to use Display Ad Builder to create effective display ads and video ads
  • How to optimize display campaigns for winning results