Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

1-Day Public Session  |  1-Day Live Online Session

An effective way of managing multiple analytics and marketing tags.

Managing multiple analytics and marketing tags for your site can be a challenge. Google Tag Manager (GTM), a relatively new technology, removes this challenge by allowing marketers to manage their own analytics, user tracking, campaign tracking, remarketing, and other website code. Marketers can simply set up and add their own tracking via tag in a container.

Tag Manager is a marketer's tool and, thus, there is no dependency on IT, webmasters or other resources to get the job done.

In this Google Tag Manager basics course, you will learn to:

  • Create website tags and manage firing rules
  • Enhance your Google Analytics implementation
  • Configure other marketing tags, like Dynamic Remarketing
  • Write Tags, Rules and Macros
  • Use the Data Layer
  • Explore auto-event listeners
  • Implement rules with regular expressions
  • Apply techniques for sequencing tags
  • Set custom dimensions and metrics through Universal Analytics

Immediate Benefits of attending Google Tag Manager Fundamentals:

  • Simplify the tag implementation and management process
  • Launch campaigns on time
  • Better manage site tags
  • Update code in timely manner
  • Learn how to implement triggers
  • Track more conversions on your site such as PDF downloads, Outbound links, Contact form submissions, inbound lead submissions and more
  • Send valuable marketing and user behavior data to applications like Google Analytics