InDesign Fundamentals: An Introduction to InDesign CC

3-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Course Overview - InDesign Basics Training

Adobe InDesign CC software speaks the language of professional designers, delivering unparalleled creative freedom, productivity, and precision for designing superb pages. It works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, providing a single integrated design environment that doesn't interrupt your creative process.

This 3-day introductory course provides a thorough overview of the interface, the tools, the features, and the production tips for page layout and design using InDesign. The course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice of InDesign basics.

In this InDesign Basics course you will learn how to:

  • Set up a document and work with pages
  • Work with objects
  • Flow text
  • Edit text
  • Work with typography
  • Work with color
  • Work with styles
  • Import and modify graphics
  • Print and export

Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • Preflighting as you work. Understand how to set up and use Preflight.
  • Creating a Page Size preset, Document Preset, and Template.
  • Understand and work with Styles: Object, Cell, Table, Paragraph and Character.
  • Find and replace; Text, GREP, Glyph and Object.
  • Using nested styles.
  • Understand Display Performance on the document and object based display performance.
  • Use Master Pages and understand the relationship of who the master is based on.
  • Override an item from the master page.
  • Check & fix Spelling and use the Story Editor to view Track Changes.
  • Use nested styles to create more dynamic text solution.
  • Learn new paragraph controls like split and span columns.
  • Creating Colors, Spot Colors and Tints.
  • Create, save and use a gradient on an object.
  • Understand the difference between a text frame, graphic frame and unassigned frame.
  • Flow type by using auto-flow, fixed auto-flow and semi-auto-flow.
  • Create a clipping mask using a path, alpha channel, or custom.
  • Using Libraries vs. Adobe Bridge.
  • Turn a clipping path into a graphic frame.
  • Package a file for backup and delivery.
  • Create a PDF for Print; PDFX-1a, PDFX-3, PDFX-4, High Quality Print, Press Quality.

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