Lean Product Management & Development

2-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Learn "second generation" lean concepts for fast and effective product design, development, and management. For product managers, product owners, and product marketers – this workshop is guided by an expert who shares best practices, innovative principles, and group exercises to help you cement what you learn.

Product life cycle management has changed.

Today's business climate is seeing rapid change in how we research and develop products, what customers expect from products, and what's effective when it comes to marketing products. Product strategy is becoming less reliant on traditional R&D, heavy front end planning and manufacturing tactics. Strategies increasingly rely on technology advantages such as software, IT capability and rapid business intelligence.

Furthermore, the demand for rapid, agile operations is driving a shift away from traditional project management and funding. The new challenge is how to quickly find, scale and capitalize on the value streams which sustainably produce growth and benefit. These value streams are not bound by the confines of specific projects or departments. In most cases, the key to finding and growing new sources of value lies in the product life cycle: starting with how we test ideas, how we plan and fund products, and how we discover and scale the ideas that will make us money.

Learn how to use product value as your key to innovation and growth.

This fast-paced, two-day course teaches you skills and tools for lean, value-driven product practices. Whether you are a traditional product line manager, an IT or software product owner, or a product marketer — this expert-led class uses a combination of engaging presentation and hands-on group activities to get you up to speed fast with lean product management techniques.
Come prepared to learn, work, and leave with hands-on experience using best practices you can immediately apply in your organization.

In this Course, You will Learn How to:

  • Prioritize and plan faster to reduce sunk costs on product development
  • Test new feature and product ideas quickly and inexpensively to discover new sources of value
  • Learn to mesh software and systems components with traditional product design
  • Become more adept at navigating the transition from testing to production at scale
  • Isolate and visualize value streams across departments so you can translate them to profit centers
  • Quickly exploit new features and ideas before your competition
  • Learn "growth hacks" that relentlessly focus on the customer
  • Get a framework to better understand different sources of value and their relationship to revenue
  • Leave class with an update to your skill set based on the last five years of best practices in product management
  • Led by an expert, familiarize yourself with the recent work, books, and results of the world's top product leaders and innovators