Marketing Strategy: A Playbook for Business Success

2-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Marketing Strategy Course Outline

1. The Pre-game Huddle

  • The new role of marketing
  • Dismantling the silos
  • Navigating the marketing landscape
  • The framework for execution
  • The C.A.P. model
  • The opportunity grid

2. "Hail Mary" Marketing

  • Risk vs. Reckless
  • Packaging your 7-second sound bite for prospecting
  • Prospect profiling part 1
  • Prospect profiling part 2
  • The new marketing metrics

3. Strategy as the Line of Scrimmage

  • The marketing matrix
  • Designing your strategic marketing playbook

4. Unlevel the Playing Field

  • "Own your word"
  • Becoming a competition of one
  • Breakthrough marketing milestones

5. Marketers As Corporate Quarterbacks

  • Six game day moves
  • Always "watch the snap"