Mastering Google AdWords

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Google AdWords Training Course Outline

I. Introduction to AdWords

  • Paid Search vs. Organic Search
  • The Psychology of Search

II. Benefits & Features of AdWords

  • Relevance, ROI, Reach
  • Targeting
  • Ranking
  • Costs & Payments
  • Search vs. Display
  • Reporting & Performance Metrics

III. Account Management

  • Navigation
  • Account Structure

LAB: Create a Google AdWords account.

IV. Campaign Management

  • Components of a Campaign
  • Creating a Campaign
  • Campaign settings
  • Editing a Campaign

LAB: Campaign Creation: Develop a campaign for you business that includes targeted Ad Groups, keywords, and ad text to help you get the best Quality Score.

V. Ad Group Management

  • Creating Ad Groups
  • Editing Ad Groups
  • Monitoring
  • Best Practices

VI. Keywords Research & Selection

  • Researching and identifying keywords and keyword phrases
  • Review match types
  • Discussing negative keywords
  • Aligning keywords with ad groups

LAB: Keyword Research: Finding the top keywords for your company.

VII. Ad Formats

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Rich Media Display Ads
  • Creating Enticing Ads
  • Testing New Ads
  • Best Practices

VIII. Targeting & Placements

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Properties
  • Google Display Network
  • Mobile Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Language & Location Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Location Extensions

IX. Bidding & Budgets

  • Setting & Managing Bids
  • Setting & Managing Budgets
  • Impacts on Ranking
  • Best Practices

X. Review Terminology

XI. AdWords Policies

  • Editorial & Format Policies
  • Content Policies
  • Link Policies
  • Trademark & Copyright Policies
  • Ad Approval Issues

XII. Ad & Site Quality

  • Quality Score
  • How It's Determined
  • Landing Page & Site Quality
  • Best Practices

LAB: Writing Better Ads: Hands-on, mini-workshop on writing more compelling ad text

XIII. Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking

  • How Google Measures Performance
  • Troubleshooting

XIV. Optimization Performance

  • Benefits & Goals
  • Targeting Tools
  • Account Optimization Tools
  • Tracking Tools
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Optimizing Ad Text
  • Optimizing Targeting
  • Optimizing Display Ads
  • Optimizing Ad Scheduling, Serving and Position
  • Optimizing Landing Pages & Sites

LAB: Campaign Optimization: Practice analyzing campaigns in order to find how to get the most out of the budget, the campaign, the Ad Groups, and the ads.

XV. Selling & Representing AdWords — The Dirty Work

  • The 'Official' Value Proposition
  • Selling the Benefits
  • Maintaining Client Relationships

XVI. Create, Edit and Optimize Your Campaigns

XVII. AdWords Certification Review

  • Certification Requirements
  • The Tests
  • Review / Prep
  • Maintaining Certification

LAB: Exam Test Prep: Prepare for the AdWords exam with sample test questions.

XVIII. Take Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam in Class