Mobile Marketing Boot Camp

2-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Mobile Marketing Training Course Outline

1. Understanding the Possibilities of Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile marketing defined
  • The mobile consumer
  • Types of mobile marketing
  • Intro to advertising on a small screen

2. Integrating Mobile Strategies in Your Marketing Plan

  • Key components of a mobile marketing plan
  • How mobile service providers affect your strategy
  • The costs of mobile marketing
  • Customer analysis and persona types
  • Compliance, rules and ethics

LAB: Determining the right service provider

3. How to Develop Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

  • Understanding SMS basics
  • Check-ins and how to use geo-targeting
  • How to get opt-ins
  • Mobile coupons and how they play into your campaigns
  • Quizzes and trivia

4. Proximity Marketing

  • How it works – NFC, GSM and Bluetooth systems
  • How to use geo targeting
  • Check-ins
  • Insight on 2d barcodes
  • Mobile payment options

5. Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Intro to mobile email marketing
  • How to choose an email marketing provider for mobile marketing
  • How to deal with different browsers in mobile marketing
  • Collecting email addresses (and how it is different from regular email marketing)
  • Building your mobile email marketing campaign

LAB: Designing a mobile email campaign

6. Multi-Media Messaging

  • Setting up MMS campaigns
  • Common MMS campaign types
  • SMS vs MMS and when to use each one

7. Mobile-Ready Websites

  • Learn when to design and develop your mobile-ready internet website
  • The mobile audience and what they want
  • Designing and building your mobile site
  • Content on your mobile site
  • Responsive design mobile sites

LAB: Dissecting a mobile website

8. Mobile Application

  • How to develop a mobile marketing strategy
  • How to build your mobile application
  • Design best practices

9. Advertising & ROI On Mobile Devices

  • Advantages of mobile advertising
  • Basics of buying and selling mobile advertisements
  • Advertising on your own mobile site effectively
  • QR Code's and advertising
  • Voice enabled campaigns

10. Mobile Commerce

  • Where should you sell your products
  • Making it easy for customers to pay via mobile
  • Selling content through carrier portals
  • Collecting payment through carriers

LAB: Building your first mobile marketing ad

11. Mobile Analytics

  • Determine what to track and analyze
  • Populating a mobile database
  • How to track interactions
  • Calculating your ROI

Hands-on Exercises:

Understanding the landscape of mobile networks
There are many service providers for mobile networks and which one you choose depends on your overall mobile goals. We will go through each one of these one by one to determine a fit specifically for your business and marketing campaigns. We will analyze the pro's and the con's to help you make the right decision and identify the right platform to start your mobile foundation off right.

The internal workings of a mobile e-mail campaign
Email is a big part of success of any digital marketing endeavor. On mobile it's no different, but the rules are. Learn first hand what you can and can not do in the mobile environment, and how to successfully build an email marketing campaign for your mobile networks.

Your website and being mobile ready
Is your website mobile ready? Do you know the steps to take to make it mobile ready? Does it make sense for your website to be mobile ready based on your analytics traffic? We will answer all of these questions and go through a step-by-step checklist to make sure your site is mobile ready.

Advertising on a mobile screen
Creating ads for a mobile device is drastically different than creating ads for a desktop. Do you know the differences? Learn to avoid the pitfalls, the first time, when creating mobile marketing ads and understand the anatomy of a successful mobile ad.