Online Lead Generation Boot Camp

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Online Lead Generation Training Course Outline

I. Types of Online Lead Generations

  • Learn what constitutes a lead (conversion) based on analytic data.
  • Learn the different types of leads in a conversion funnel.
  • How social and search differ when it comes to conversion.
  • Learn how to drive offline leads to online sales.

II. Landing Page Basics – How To Build The Perfect Landing Page

  • Learn the real landing page definition and how it's used in conversion optimization.
  • Understand the different types of landing pages and where they are used.
  • Learn how to increase email address captures with the right landing pages.
  • Learn what to avoid when creating a landing page.
  • Understand how to build trust and motivate users to perform your call to action.

III. Understanding Customers Personality Types

  • Understand different persona types and how they buy.
  • Learn how personas are representations of market segments.
  • Understand the filters we use to make our buying decisions online.
  • Learn how emotional triggers are used in conversion optimization.

IV. Writing for the Web and Conversion

  • Learn index page conversion techniques to create your funnel using optimal content.
  • Learn the fundamental rules for writing web copy that sells.
  • Understand web copy do's and don'ts as it pertains to conversion optimization.
  • Learn the 5 simple questions you must ask when writing your web copy for conversions.
  • Understand the psychological motivators behind good web copy.
  • Understand the "opt-in" copy techniques to gain more email addresses.

V. Introduction to Testing and The Testing Cycle

  • Learn how to use and implement Google Website Optimizer.
  • Learn the different types of testing and how to implement them.
  • Understand where these types of testing work best, (i.e. landing pages, email marketing, etc).
  • Understand controls plus creative's and how to manage the process. Introduction to A/B Testing

VI. A/B Testing: Basic & Advanced Testing Topics

  • Overall definition of A/B testing and how it directly ties into your conversion goals.
  • Learn how to develop a testing framework in your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the treatments of a conversion optimization process.
  • Understanding randomization and its adverse effects in conversion optimization.
  • Understand statistical analysis and A/B Testing.