Photoshop CC Advanced: Web and Video

2-Day Public Session  |  2-Day Live Online Session

Overview of how to use Photoshop video and web images.

This 2-day course provides a thorough overview for experienced users who wish to further their effectiveness in Photoshop. This class is aimed at the Photoshop professional who needs to enhance their knowledge in order to work with web and video images more effectively. This course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Use Adobe Bridge
  • Use advanced composite
  • Set up a 2.5D effect for animated photos
  • Edit video
  • Work with 3D images
  • Prepare files for the web
  • Create animations
  • Use vanishing point
  • Work with actions
  • Design graphics for video

Immediate benefits of attending this course:

  • Understand Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) and how it relates to video
  • Understand Alpha channels
  • Learn about advanced compositing using layers
  • Use the History Panel to undo tasks
  • Create High Dynamic Range (HDR) file
  • Learn to set up a 2.5D Effect for Animated Photos
  • Learn how to edit video in Photoshop
  • Learn to work with lights and materials for 3D images
  • Learn how to make a 3D image with a Photoshop layer
  • Learn the processes of going to a 3D printer
  • Learn how to prepare files for the web
  • Save assets with Adobe Generator
  • Understand the basics of animation
  • Animate both layers and layer styles
  • Create an animated gif
  • Set up a Vanishing Point grid
  • Create and use Actions
  • Make sure your images are broadcast safe
  • Know what keeps from Photoshop to After Effects, Motion, Premiere, Final Cut or Avid

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