Photoshop Fundamentals: An Introduction to Photoshop CC

3-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

A thorough overview of the interface, tools, features, tricks, and tips for using Photoshop CC.

Introduction to photoshop is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice.

In this Course, You will Learn How to:

  • Perform basic photo corrections
  • Work with selections
  • Work with layers
  • Make quick fixes
  • Work with masks and channels
  • Use typographic designs
  • Employ vector drawing techniques
  • Save files

20 Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • Understand RGB and CMYK color models (Additive and Subtractive)
  • Understand image size vs. resolution - What's the difference?
  • Understand bitmap images vs. vector graphics
  • Straighten and crop an image
  • Use the Quick Selection tool
  • Use the Magic Wand tool
  • Use the Lasso tools (Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, and Magnetic Lasso)
  • Rotate and copy a selection
  • Rearrange layers
  • Apply a layer style
  • Add an adjustment layer
  • Create a panorama image
  • Creating a layer mask
  • Manipulate an image with Puppet Warp
  • Create a clipping mask from type
  • Use paragraphs type and point type
  • Fun with type: warp type and type on a path
  • Draw with the Pen tool
  • Use defined custom shapes
  • Import a Smart Object

In-Class Exercises:

  • Understanding How Digital Images Work: In this lesson you will learn the basics of Photoshop. Learn the differences of RGB and CMYK color models (Additive and Subtractive). Learn the differences between image size vs. resolution. Learn what Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) means. Lastly understand what an alpha channel does to an image when used with another image.
  • Getting to Know the Work Area: Learn the tools. Sample colors to use in your document. Learn how to choose tools and change the tool properties.
  • Basic Photo Corrections: Learn the strategies for retouching.
  • Straightening and cropping the image in Photoshop. Fix the image by adjusting the color and tone. Use the Spot Healing Brush tool, content-aware patch tool, and Clone Stamp tool to make image corrections.
  • Working with Selections: Learn to select parts of an image using the selection tools: marquee, lasso, magnetic lasso, polygonal lasso, magic wand, and quick selection tool. After your select an area learn to rotate, resize, and move a selection.
  • Layer Basics: Learn to use the Layers panel: Rearrange layers, Apply a gradient to a layer, Apply a layer style, Add an adjustment layer, and Update layer effects. When it is all finished add a border and flatten and save the file.
  • Quick Fixes: Learn to improve a snapshot by blurring a background. Creating a panorama from many images. Correct an image distortion. Adjusting perspective in an image. Use the Content-Aware Move tool.
  • Masks and Channels: Work with masks and channels: Create & refine a mask, create a mask using your channels, and create a mask using the quick mask. Distort the final image using the Puppet Warp.
  • Typographic Design: Create point and paragraph type. Create a clipping mask from type. Alter type using type properties and type styles. Have some fun with type by warping it.
  • Vector Drawing Techniques: Understand the differences between bitmap images and vector graphics. Learn to draw a path using the Pen tool. Learn to create a shape layer with defined custom shapes. Import a vector Smart Object.
  • Saving your files: Learn the different file types and when to use each file type.

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