Product Management Essentials

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Virtual Session | 21 PDUs

Course Outline for Product Management Essentials Training

1. Product Management Overview — Explore what it means to be a product manager. Understand how to think like your customers, and why that's important.

  • What is product management?
  • Characteristics of successful product managers
  • Essential knowledge
  • Essential experience
  • Activity: Self-assessment
  • Being customer-focused

2. Knowledge Building — Learn how to quickly understand your market from the big picture down to the most important details.

  • Market research overview
  • Market analysis tools
    • Segmentation
    • Five Forces
    • Maturity cycle
  • Competitive analysis overview
  • Competitive analysis tools
    • Four P's
    • SWOT
    • Battle cards
  • Customer research overview
  • Ethnographic interview technique
  • Activity: Customer interview
  • User and buyer personas
  • User stories
  • The value of value-props
  • Activity: Writing value-props

3. Product Planning and Development — Transform your market and customer knowledge into product requirements, a product plan, and finally a product ready to be sold.

  • General business strategies
  • Distinctive competence
  • Product vision
  • Activity: Crafting a vision statement
  • Product requirements history and overview
  • Agile and waterfall overviews
  • Using Huruda Maps for requirements
  • Prioritizing requirements
  • Activity: Creating a Huruda Map
  • Managing product requirements during development
  • Handling change while maintaining quality
  • Beta program overview and best practices

4. Product Launch and Execution — Align your product with your business to successfully launch into the market.

  • Business operations overview
  • Financial knowledge
    • Budgets
    • Forecasts
    • Bookings
    • Margins
  • KPIs for product managers
  • Launch readiness overview
  • Marketing operations overview
  • Key activities to support marketing
  • Activity: The effortless demo
  • Sales operations overview
  • Key activities to support sales
  • Activity: Win/loss analysis
  • Customer-facing services overview
  • Key activities to support customer-facing services
  • Activity: The quality game

5. Product Roadmapping — Picking the path between the next product and your overall vision

  • Product lifecycle overview
  • Getting to your vision one step at a time
  • Roadmapping techniques
  • Strategic vs. tactical considerations
  • Roadmapping best practices
  • Product obsolescence