Google Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Learn how to get your business noticed by improving your SEO strategy with keywords, KPIs, Analytics and more.

Understanding the purpose of SEO means that you can concentrate of producing a great site, with great content. Not understanding the fundamentals means you worry about how to show up in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization is not a trick or a one time process; it's a way of life for the most successful sites on the web. It's moved far beyond keyword stuffing and link building. When done properly, search engine optimization seamlessly tracks alongside all the other marketing initiatives the same way "good writing" or "compelling graphics" does.

Ignoring SEO has the same impact as ignoring any other crucial part of your marketing plan. If you want to grow your online marketing program, making sure it's optimized is a foundational step.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has been an important part of online marketing since the late 1990's. In the last few years its importance has skyrocketed.

Appearing on the first page of Google is now the goal of millions of companies and thousands of marketing managers. Getting there is in some ways harder than ever, yet in other ways, it's never been easier.

For brands trying to manipulate Google's ranking signals to trick them into ranking them higher than they normally would, the hill is inhumanly steep. For brands who put their resources into helping their community, making their customers smarter and offering help in a transparent way, the doors are wide open.

This is the time to pivot your old online marketing ideas to align with the new reality of search engine optimization.

What You Will Learn in SEO Boot Camp

  • What search engine optimization is, what it isn't and where it's headed
  • Things you did in the past that may be hurting your site right now
  • How to assess where your site is from an SEO perspective
  • What actions are necessary to thrive online
  • How to put together a timeline for estimated results
  • How to pick the right keywords for your business and industry
  • How to attract high quality and authoritative backlinks
  • How to become an industry thought-leader
  • How to see what your competition is doing online
  • What tools and services will make your life easier