Google Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp

3-Day Public Session  |  4-Day Live Online Session

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course Outline

1. What is SEO

  • History of SEO
  • Google vs. everyone else

2. Current Situation

  • Where is your site today
    • On-Site factors
    • Off-Site factors
    • Social Factors
    • Personalization
  • Assessing what's working and what's not
    • Where are conversions coming from and why
    • What parts of your site are dead

Activity - Looking at the tools that can help you access what your current situation is. Each participant will have their site put into a different tool so the entire group can see how they work.

3. Setting Goals

  • Choosing KPI's
    • Ranking position is a poor KPI
    • What is achievable when
    • Business goals

    Activity - Deciding what are good key performance indicators. Starting with poor assumptions can lead to faulty goals.

  • Traffic
    • How to estimate traffic for keywords
    • Good traffic vs. Bad Traffic
  • Ranking
    • Personalization
    • What happens when you rank higher
    • Pros and cons

    Activity - Ranking with and without personalization. With personalization now "always on" we'll go over how to spread they way you influence personalized search.

  • Reputation
    • How to protect your brand online
  • Buzz
    • How to keep your brand active on the web

4. Competitive Analysis

  • Who are your real life competitors vs. Online competitors
  • What to compare
  • When to attack and when to stay put

Activity - How to find your online competitors. Anyone can be an online competitor, even Wikipedia.

5. Visitors

  • Rent vs. Own
  • Attracting the right kind of traffic
  • Head vs. long tail traffic
  • Viral Traffic

Activity - Figuring out what your traffic strategy is.

6. Keywords

  • How Google views keywords
  • Estimating traffic
  • Estimating competitiveness
  • Choosing keywords
  • Short term vs. Long term keywords
  • Keyword strategy

Activity - How to pick the right keywords. With keyword data going away, it's crucial that you understand what pages are for what keywords on your site.

7. Content Audit

  • Every page a King
  • Evergreen content
  • Content lifecycle

8. Analytics

  • Data based decisions
  • Why "Visitors" isn't a KPI
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Tracking events

Activity - Finding the right analytics. A base install of Google Analytics is almost useless. We'll go over how to build a funnel and how to track it.

9. Search & Social

  • Social signals
  • Engagement as a signal
  • Google+

Activity - Stop choosing your social strategy by platform, choose your social strategy by the outcome you desire and the people you hope to influence.

10. Online Reputation Management

  • Perception is reality
  • Your employees are your business
  • Staying in control of the SERPs
  • Crisis plan

Activity - Google yourself, your brand and the executives. You are in control of your online reputation more than you imagine. You must learn to leave behind a trail.