Sales Success Utilizing Social Media

2-Day Public Session  |  3-Day Live Online Session

Social Selling Course Outline

Day 1 - Social Selling

I. Introduction to Social Selling

  1. Connecting not collecting – listening and joining the conversation
  2. What Social selling and direct sales have in common
  3. How to get started
  4. Importance of building your online presence (no matter what you are selling)
  5. Sales 2.0 (versus the older sales model)

II. Evolvement of the Social Sales Cycle

  1. Introduction of the social sales cycle
  2. Lead generation strategies
  3. Lead qualification and opportunity management

III. Strategy for Social Selling

  1. Where are social media tools most effective in the social sales cycle
  2. Reach your prospects with the relevant message
  3. Why social selling is relevant in B2B sales

IV. Tools of Social Selling

  1. A basic social networking overview
  2. How to find the conversation
  3. How to start a listening campaign
  4. Rules of engagement

V. The Social Sales Funnel

  1. Feeding the funnel with social leads
  2. Pitching vs. creating desire
  3. The follow up process of a lead
  4. Creating advocacy after the sale

Day 2 – The Social Networks

I. LinkedIn

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile
    • How to build a sales-based LinkedIn profile
    • How to optimize your profile to increase search results

    Lab: Create/update your LinkedIn profile to maximize impact

  2. How to find connections relevant to you and your industry
  3. LinkedIn Groups and how to effectively use them
  4. Lab: Search and join groups relevant to your industry

  5. Advanced LinkedIn Sales Strategies
    • Lead generation techniques
    • Advanced search

    Lab: Search and save your ideal customer profile

  6. Advanced features for LinkedIn Premium Accounts
    • InMail
    • Advanced and saved search filters
    • Profile organizer
    • Who's Viewed Me
    • Open Link Network
  7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    • How to find, qualify and create new lead opportunities
    • Manage and accelerate social selling capabilities
    • Directly engage decision-makers to shorten sales cycle
    • Be found with trusted data

II. Twitter & Facebook

  1. I am here, now what?
  2. How to find the right conversations
  3. The anatomy of direct selling through Twitter & Facebook
  4. Making the most of searching for potential customers in Twitter & Facebook
  5. How to get results with Twitter & Facebook

Lab: Find relevant contacts on Twitter for your industry and follow them

Lab: Analyze what your competition is doing on Facebook

III. Blogging

  1. How writing and commenting on blogs ties in to LinkedIn
  2. Determine what type of blog works for sales people
  3. Reach your target perspectives through video blogging
  4. How to listen and comment without pitching

Lab: Create the basic foundation of a content strategy around blogging for purposes of increasing connections and leads

IV. Sales Intelligence

  1. How to improve sales rep effectiveness
  2. Building and monitoring your list of prospects
  3. How to incorporate your CRM with LinkedIn and other platforms
  4. Social sales forecasting & analytics
  5. Tools used by the pro's

V. The Real ROI of Social Media

  1. When to expect a return
  2. Effective time management
  3. Your 4 week social selling game plan

Lab: Create a four-week checklist for your own sales strategy and accountability measures for continued success