YouTube Marketing Boot Camp

3-Day Public Session

Course Outline

Day 1 – Introduction & Platform Strategies

I. Introduction to YouTube

  1. What is YouTube
  2. History of YouTube
    • Important recent changes
    • The future of YouTube
  3. Current state of YouTube
  4. Joining The YouTube Community

II. Getting Started with YouTube

  1. Account creation
    • Specific account settings to configure
    • How to find and watch the right type of videos
    • Liking and commenting
    • Branding assets
  2. The Channel-ization of YouTube
    • How users use YouTube
    • Psychology behind user searches
  3. Why YouTube is the second largest search engine
    • How to make the most of YouTube
    • YouTube searching
    • Browsing video topics


    • Create or improve your account settings and configuration
    • What videos exist that relate to your industry or product?

III. The YouTube Platform

  1. Introduction to channels
    • Audience development intro
  2. Copyright and Content ID
    • Understanding YouTube's Content ID
    • How copyright can affect your monetization
    • Licensing
    • Policy management
  3. Introduction to Playlists
    • How to create playlists
    • Using playlists
    • How to optimize playlist for users


    • Create your own playlist

DAY 2 – Video Creation & Optimization Techniques

I. Video Creation

  1. Customizing your YouTube video experience
  2. Shooting tips for small screen content
  3. Content marketing strategies around continual content creation
  4. Post production tips and tricks
  5. Creating a brand identity on YouTube

II. Video Content for YouTube

  1. Introduction to the content creation process
    • Choosing the right software
  2. YouTube's video technology
    • Understanding YouTube's video compression
  3. Content marketing strategies
  4. How to build a sustainable community
    • Embedding YouTube videos
  5. Upload strategies


    • Create a story board for a video you can create

III. Video & SEO Optimization

  1. SEO video optimization
    • Metadata
    • Thumbnails
    • Annotations
  2. Channel Optimization
    • Channel feed
    • All audiences
    • Understanding ranking criteria


    • Optimize an existing video
    • What are the steps you'll need to take to optimize your YouTube channel?

DAY 3 – Audience Development & Marketing Strategies

I. Community Management

  1. How to build your audience
    • Asking your audience
    • Episode interactions
  2. Cross promotion and collaboration
    • Best practices
    • In Video promotion
    • Channel promotion
  3. Using Social Media as an effective outreach tool
    • How Google+ and YouTube work together
    • Posting strategies
    • Other social networks
  4. Using the Blogger network to increase visibility


    • Find five blogs and social media accounts that you will connect with for your YouTube community.

II. Making Money with YouTube

  1. Monetization
    • How ads work on YouTube
    • Understanding the demand for ads on YouTube
  2. How advertisers use metrics to determine buying decisions
    • How to use performance metrics and where to find them
  3. How sponsorships and bundles work
  4. The YouTube ecosystem

III. Measuring Your Efforts

  1. Using YouTube insights
    • Creating specific user goals
  2. View reports in insights
    • Types of reports
  3. Engagement reports in insights
  4. Types of reports