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Extended Live Online Training

New extended live online training allows you to attend ASPE's industry leading training courses from anywhere in the world on your schedule.

If you have limited time to commit to training, ASPE's new extended live online training could be the option you're looking for. Extended live online training spans across multiple weeks, but allows you to dedicate just a small portion of each work week to it while receiving the same quality instruction you would in regular live online training or a traditional classroom environment. Extended sessions allow you to train on your schedule with the option to train two nights a week or one full day a week. Advance your career, and still make your afternoon meeting.

Why choose Extended Live Online Training from ASPE:

  • Minimize interference with your work schedule
  • Stay more engaged in each session
  • Advance your career even further
  • Enjoy the same benefits you would receive in regular live online training and a traditional classroom

For more information about live online training and available courses click here.