YouTube Consulting Services from ASPE-ROI

Are you new to YouTube marketing? With YouTube Consulting from ASPE, we can help get you started using YouTube as a powerful marketing channel to capture leads and drive awareness.

YouTube Marketing Consulting

As the second most popular search engine in the world, YouTube has a tremendous impact on your marketing strategy. If used correctly, YouTube engages your customers in a new way, increases their loyalty, and helps grow your business. When used incorrectly, you will waste time, money, resources and effort and see little results. That's where YouTube Consulting from ASPE comes in.

YouTube is more than just posting a video and hoping it goes viral, (and let's face it, you probably aren't going to make the next piano–playing kitty video for your business). It's a social media platform that connects people, and you don't need to go viral in order to be effective with your audience. When you use YouTube as a part of your business's marketing strategy, you have the power to reach and engage your audience, clients and customers in a different way. It's an experience for them.

But how do you build your YouTube channel, get subscribers and comments, and increase viewer interaction? That's where a lot of companies get lost and need help. Here are a few starting tips:

  • You don't need a professional set up or videographer, all you need is a decent quality camera and relevant content that adds value for your customers.
  • Spend time in YouTube – it's a community and it will remain foreign to you if you don't spend the time to get to know the platform and its customs.
  • Analyze channels you think are good – what other videos are they linked to, what annotations do they use, how did they tag their videos for SEO?
  • If you have a current channel, how does it rank when searching in YouTube?

Need more help? Still lost? That's okay too. ASPE–ROI provides YouTube consulting to fit your business needs. We offer one†day YouTube consulting services to businesses that want to improve their YouTube marketing strategy or to businesses that haven't even started their YouTube channel yet.

Our consultant, Jeremy Smith, is an ASPE–ROI instructor, course developer and social media expert who is a YouTube Certified individual. Why haven't you heard of this certification yet, and why aren't more people offering YouTube consulting services? Because there are less than 250 people in the world that hold this credential from Google, and the majority of those people are busy improving their companies' YouTube channels full time.

The YouTube Certification Program (YCP) by Google has had several invite–only training sessions for the top YouTube channel managers and owners. After taking the training session, an individual must pass a rigorous exam in order to officially be certified. The YouTube certification program is highly selective and intensive, and Jeremy is one of the few who has been through this certification program.

YouTube consulting services from ASPE–ROI are tailored to fit your individual needs. For consulting inquiries and pricing, please fill out the form below.

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We also offer in–depth YouTube training in our YouTube Marketing Boot Camp so you can learn how to increase your value and exposure in YouTube long after your consulting is finished.